Guide to Using My RECIPES

Food I Made
I love to cook. I often scour the interwebz for new ideas and flavor combinations in an effort to keep things interesting. However, everything I make is an “adaptation” of the original. I consider recipes polite suggestions of what ratios and ingredients should be for particular dishes.

If I follow a recipe I will credit the originator and note changes I made...I find that recipes are like being trapped in handcuffs and wrapped in a blanket...I'm trying though...
Sometimes my recipes will be specific; other times I won’t even mention how much of something…to figure it out ask yourself, “How much do I want?” Then use that much.
I encourage you to do the same with things I post. If you don’t like an ingredient I added, OMIT IT! If you don’t have quite enough, use it anyway and supplement with something similar. Basically what I am telling you is: after every instruction I give, tack on “or not,” “or don’t,” or “or do it however you see fit.” If what you cook doesn’t come out very well, don’t do it like that next time…

**All ingredients are VEGAN. (Ex. Sugar, butter, etc...)

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